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Estonian Funk Unit


Estonian Funk Unit (EFU) is a new funk music unit on the scene. Based in Tallinn, the group aims to create a gold standard in ensemble playing. Musical leaders Artis Boris and Kris Dén have brought together a cream of the crop of musicians for this purpose. They aim for virtuosity both in the studio and in concert. In addition to the rhythm group, EFU's 10-member core also includes a brass section, percussion, and even a harpejji player.
The band exudes joyfulness in their performances, playing music from Maryn E Coote and Uku Kuut.

Sofia Rubina - Vokaal
Valter Soosalu - Harpejji
Artis Boriss - Klahvid
Kristen Kütner - Kitarr
Janno Trump - Bass
Ramuel Tafenau - Trummid
Luis Black - Perkussioon
Jason Hunter - Trompet
Allan Kaljaste - Altsaksofon
Keio Vutt - Tenorsaksofon
Ingvar Leerimaa - Tromboon




14 March- Finest Funk Festival-  Tartu Alexela loomelava
15 March- Finest Funk festival , Tallinn - JAIK (new Vabalava)
16 March- Finest Funk Festival, Helsinki- Storyville jazz club

5 June- Ollesummer festival, Tallinn

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EFU - Booking

Henrik Ehte


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Singer Sofia Rubina Electrifies Helsinki with Estonian Funk Unit in Spectacular Performance.


 Internationally acclaimed singer Sofia Rubina delivered an unforgettable performance at Storywille Helsinki on March 16th, captivating audiences with her soulful rendition of Mary E. Coote's music. Backed by the dynamic Estonian funk unit, Rubina was joined by band leads Kristen Künter and Artis Boris from Latvia, along with a sensational four-piece horn section.


Rubina's mesmerizing vocals, coupled with the infectious energy of the Estonian funk ensemble, transformed the venue into a pulsating haven of rhythm and melody. The collaboration between Rubina and the band leaders Kütner and Boris infused the performance with a unique blend of musical styles, transcending borders and delighting fans from all walks of life.


"Sofia Rubina's performance was nothing short of extraordinary," remarked one attendee. "The synergy between her vocals and the Estonian funk Unit was truly magical, making it a night to remember."


The addition of the four-piece horn section elevated the performance to new heights, adding depth and texture to each arrangement, and eliciting cheers and applause from the enthralled audience.


"We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to showcase Mary E. Coote , Uku Kuut and Jaan Kuman music in collaboration with Sofia Rubina and the talented musicians from Estonia and Latvia," said the organizers of the event. "It was a celebration of musical excellence, cultural diversity, and the unifying power of music."


Sofia Rubina's performance at Storywille Helsinki exemplified her status as a powerhouse vocalist and a dynamic performer, leaving an indelible mark on all those in attendance.

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