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“Parts of my performances are improvisations. I enjoy being playful on the stage and I always want to surprise the audience”- Sofia Rubina.

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"Praegu on mulle kõige tähtsam olla iseenda moodi."

by Sandra Suits

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ERR Kultuur  - "I AM Soul"  Arvustus 


Sofia Rubina ürgnaiselik soul.



Sofia Rubina oma uuest albumist: mina olengi hing

"Terevisioonis" oli külas Sofia Rubina, kes andis hiljuti välja oma kuuenda albumi "I Am Soul", millelt leiab gospelit, soul'i ja jazz'i. Rubina sõnul on soul ja jazz teda inspireerinud kogu elu.

Toimetaja: Rasmus Kuningas


 Anne Erm

Sofia Rubina – Unistuste teel. Jazzkaare fookuses

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Sofia Rubina:

"Muusika on palju rohkem kui lihtsalt kõla"

Kodutohter_juuli 2023.jpg
 PARIS-MOVE, November 24th 2023 , USA

5 *  Review

Blue Bayou Radio by  Thierry De Clemensat 

“A beautiful fusion of world music, R&B, and jazz… both profound and danceable, with a form of dramaturgy that, beyond the singer’s qualities, makes her a truly great performer. It surprises from the very first track. The beautiful energy and extraordinary performances of Sofia Rubina place her on the same level as Tania Maria and artists of that caliber.”

Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 09.37.52.png
JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran

“Her fourth album, the boldly titled I Am Soul, showcases the expansive emotional range of her voice, her brash wit, lyrical romanticism and impeccable phrasing in a wide range of stylistic settings reflecting a variety of intriguing inspirations.”


“One of the ongoing trends of Rubina’s originals is unbridled optimism, which is not always easy to come by in a complicated world. All of which make a peppy, dreamer soul-stirrer like “Great Life,” the joyfully polyrhythmic and ultra-jazzy celebration of life described in “Morning Etude” and the life and self-affirming adult contemporary gem “Stay True” the most essential parts of this incredible recording.”

"Why is Sofia Rubina's New album
'I Am Soul' So Irresistible?"

  Review BY ANITA

After listening, there's a sense of lightness in the soul, absolute inspiration, and tranquility. Sofia effortlessly transports you with her refined vocals and melodies to an intimate café with subdued lighting, where she performs her best songs just for you. It's incredibly intimate, magical, and unique. Every note, every word, every pause-everything is meticulously honed and thought out.

Soul & Jazz & Funk

The putative A side is ‘Great Life’ – a sweet melding of soul and jazz. It’s an optimistic thing that builds and builds.

​by Bill Buckley

Making a Scene by Dee Dee McNeil

​“This tiny country [Estonia] offers us the big sound of jazz vocalist, Sofia Rubina. She offers a unique approach to jazzily arranged tunes, including six original songs and she ‘covers’ artists like Bonnie Raitt, Chick Corea and George Duke. Rubina is definitely a stylist… she sounds like herself and has established a vocal presentation that is both unique and singular. Rubina’s voice plays like a saxophone, offering some expressive lines that establish her as an inimitable improvisor."

Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil

“Rubina’s voice plays like a saxophone, offering some expressive lines that establish her as an inimitable improviser. She has established a vocal presentation that is both unique and singular.”

  • JazzMa by Zsuzsanna Hegedüs

"The Universe speaks to you through the sounds of music." This quote from Sofia Rubina (1985) could be the motto of her recently released fantastic album! Sofia's sixth album, “ I Am Soul,” is rich, colorful, and varied, with various funky elements. Her songs are catchy and reflect a joie de vivre that we so desperately need in today's stressful times. Her clear voice, which spans from heights to depths, can do anything!”

  • JazzQuad (Belarus) by Leonid Auskern   

“Sofia's singing style is noticeably influenced by soul, R&B, and to a lesser extent gospel, combined with classic jazz vocals. This whole diverse mix is inevitably superimposed on the singer’s purely individual moments. The result is both effective and convincing. A very worthy collection and high-class execution.”

  • Music Pen Club by Keizo Takada

“’I Am Soul’ is a modern album that combines jazz, soul, gospel, and R&B. As the title suggests, Sofia Rubina sings beautifully and soulfully.”

  • JazzWeekly by George Harris

“She gets expressive and flexible on “Morning Etude” and passionate for a soulful stirring of “ Unsung Song,” and giving a rich read on George Duke’s “Someday” with the most jazzy tune being a fluid read of Chick Corea’s “Open Your Eyes You Can Fly.” Minstrel of the dawn.”


Radio Shows, Podcasts

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Superfly Funk & Soul


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